Grilled steak coated with peanut butter, onion powder and a dry chili blend (Spicyyy)

Jollof Rice

Rice cooked in a fried puree of onions, tomatoes, peppers, tomato paste, bay leaves and thyme leaves. Topped with a goat meat and fried plantain salad

Egusi Soup & Eba

Egusi soup is made from ground melon seeds, ugu leaves, a blend of peppers, onions, and tomatoes fried in palm oil, and thick cut beef. Eba is a grated cassava flour that is folded into hot water till it reaches a solid form

Puff Puff

Nigerian donut served with a small cup of black tea or hot chocolate


Meat Pie

Savory minced beef and vegetable pie

White Rice & Chicken Stew

White rice topped with Nigerian chicken tomato stew and fried plantains

Catfish Pepper Soup

Fresh catfish cooked with calabash nutmeg, negro pepper, alligator pepper, crayfish and scent leaves. Served with boiled plantains

Plantain Cake

Overripe plantains baked with plantain flour, crayfish, cameroon pepper, and palm oil. Topped with malt ice cream

Ka anyi rie nri - Let's eat together