Precious Olisadum, Cook and Founder of Asaba Kitchen

Precious Olisadum, Cook and Founder of Asaba Kitchen

About The Cook.

 I was born in Asaba, Nigeria but moved to the states with my family back in 2004. After being introduced to the food channel I decided that I wanted to be the next food network star. I would narrate through my steps in the kitchen as I prepared a dish and looked to my judges/family with hopeful eyes as they would eat my latest creation. After multiple 5 star reviews I decided that this was what made me happy and that it was what I would do forever. I was young but I was still as logical as one could be when growing up in a Nigerian household. I would have my dream job, my own restaurant.. after I retire and use all of my millions that I've made through my very long career as a reconstructive surgeon to do so. So... by 55, yeah, by 55 years old I will be able to have my dream job and do it forever!

Luckily, I snapped out of that. 

I decided to chase my passion, and by doing so I started Asaba Kitchen. I wanted to make it a Nigerian kitchen honestly because I felt like it was long overdue.  It's 2018. 1 in at least 10 people should be able to say that they have tried foods from a part of Africa that is not Ethiopia. I'm hoping to open up the box of curiosity between people, culture and food, introducing longing taste buds to flavors that they never knew they were missing. Overall, I hope to shine a light on the incredible things that we do with food as well as how resourceful we are with our ingredients. How we make sure to appreciate the food by using everything and wasting nothing. Here at the kitchen I use only local and organic ingredients as well as freshly imported traditional ingredients and wine from NIgeria.

 I started Asaba Kitchen for many reasons, which are still coming to me as the journey continues, but one of the mains would be to share my cultural experience with interested and open minds as well as learn even more about my country as I dive in deeper to the history of the foods and all other aspects of our culture. I want to create a space for open discussions, a vibe that's that of a casually intimate dinner at a friends or relatives house and I want the familiarity of that vibe to grow out of my kitchen and hopefully into a restaurant of it's own in the future.

I am Precious Amarachi Olisadum, just a young woman from Asaba, Nigeria. Thank you for giving me a chance to do what I love.